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We at the Convention and Visitors Bureau would like to welcome you to South Sioux City.


South Sioux City is a growing and prospering community and is the largest town in Dakota County. Currently, its population is over 13,300 residents and it has many traditional small-town values that are common in Nebraska. The city’s vision and goal is to provide a tremendous quality of life defined by outstanding educational and employment opportunities for all citizens. A long-term goal is to be recreational, cultural and technological hub of the Midwest.

Weather & Climate

Fun can be had during all seasons in Dakota County. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the hot summer, perfect for boating and other outdoor activities. The average summer temperature is 85 degrees, with many sunny days to enjoy. The spring and fall seasons are often the favorite times of year for many people, as temperatures cool to a very comfortable level. Witnessing the blooming of plants, flowers and trees in the spring is a sight to be seen, and the changing of colors in the fall is something you can’t miss. Winter fun can be had as well, with many indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. Travelers will find the overall climate quite enjoyable.


The 2010 census showed a population of 13,333 residents for South Sioux City. The median household income is $41,677. The housing values as well as cost-of-living expenses are traditionally lower than the state and national averages. The town is predominantly composed of white (68 percent) and Hispanic (25 percent) residents. The crime rate is very low, compared to national averages.